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18 Projects | No experience needed | Ages 12+

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Electronics Course

Learn electronics, coding, circuitry and more with these 18 electronics projects.

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Go From beginner to tech wizard

Build awesome projects while master the foundations of electronics. Start with the basics and progress in difficulty as you strengthen your knowledge.


Project 1: Mood Lamp

Lights on! Build a lamp that will change colors when you turn off the lights.

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Project 2: Memory Game

How good is your memory? Program patterns of LEDs to yield a sequence that you’ll have to repeat back.

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Project 3: Distance Detector

Create a device that measures distance with sound waves.

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Project 4: LED Dice Game

Simulate rolling a pair of dice with LEDs using your C++ skills.

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Project 5: Optical Theremin

Create a functional instrument that can be played without a touch.

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Project 6: Two Player Reflex Game

Build a device that will test your reaction reflexes against a friend’s.

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Follow our process and master the fundamentals

Projects become progressively more challenging as they gain confidence using real world components and programming languages.

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