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Explore the projects you will get to build

Mood Lamp

Lights on! Build a lamp that will change colors when you turn off the lights.

Memory Game

How good is your memory? Program patterns of LEDs to yield a sequence that you’ll repeat back.

Distance Detector

Create a device that measures distance with sound waves.

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Explore the projects you will get to build

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Receive All The Needed Components To Build Your Gadget

Learn how to use real tech used in every day careers! You will receive an UNO R3 microcontroller, breadboard, and all the other needed components to build your tech gadget.

Build A Gritty Genius & Meet Challenges Head-On

Each project in the course gets a little more challenging so you can build on your confidence as you take on new components and programming commands.

Explore at Your Own Pace In Our Online Classroom

Projects comes with video tutorials, learning resources, challenges, and other material to help you get a deep understanding of electronics, coding in C++, circuitry and more.

Perfect Challenge For Kids, Teens and Adults

This course is easy enough for kids (Ages 12+) with no experience and challenging enough for adults! A great way to bond as a family, prepare your child for a future in tech, or take on a new stimulating hobby.

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