Learn Engineering

by building a biomechanically-controlled leg.

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Everything Included

Step-By-Step Guidance


Follow the process and master the fundamentals

Discover new engineering concepts like mechatronics, control systems and more by building your very own biomechanically-controlled mech leg.

Step 1 - Mechanics

Build the alpha leg of your own mini-mech.

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step 2 - Electronics

Add electronic control to the mech leg.

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Step 3 - Control

Add biomechanical control to your mech leg.

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Get an intro to the future of engineering

Learn engineering by replicating the process of building the world’s largest four legged mech suit.

picture of a mech

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Grow your electronics skills and knowledge. Build awesome electronics projects and gain an understanding of electronics, coding(C++), circuitry and more in this 18 project progression.

Developed in Partnership with exosapien technologies

Overcome the same engineering challenges as the inventors by building your very own biomechanically-controlled mech leg.