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by building a bio-mechanically controlled mech leg.

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3. Learn By Doing. Follow the classroom and learn the basics of engineering by building a bio-mechanically controlled mech leg.

Explore the projects you will get to build

Step 1: Mechanics

Build the alpha leg of your own mini mech.

Step 2: Electronics

Add electronic control to the mech leg.

Step 3: Control

Add biomechanical control to your mech leg.

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Explore the projects you will get to build

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Control Systems

Finally, A Fun, Hands-on, and Educational Way to master the fundamentals of engineering

Get Everything You Need Delivered to Your Door

Receive a microcontroller, breadboard, sensors and all the needed components and parts to build an exo-glove and mech leg.

Follow The Education Packed Online Classroom

Each project comes with video tutorials, learning resources, challenges, and other material to help you get a deep understanding in the first principles of engineering.

Learn The Future Of Engineering From The Pros

Get a real hands-on experience with tech from the future! This course was developed in partnership with exosapien technologies, the inventors of the world’s largest four legged mech suit.

Perfect Challenge For Kids, Teens and Adults

A great launch pad for complete beginners! Easy enough for kids (ages 10+) with little to no experience and challenging enough for adults. A great way to bond with family and pass down the enthusiasm you have for engineering.

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